​Mission and Business Model 



​To help companies bring their safety and environmental performance to a Best-In-Class level using practical solutions.

Business Model

World Class Advice

  • Define the customers challenges and needs
  • Use recognized standards to drive continuous improvement
  • Develop practical solutions scaled to the customers size and resources
  • Implement and validate solutions

Honesty & Integrity

  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • Never compromise proprietary information from customers or previous employers
  • Follow the Institute for Safety and Health Management's Code of Professional Conduct
  • Advise when SafeMARINER does not have the expertise necessary

Cost Effective Solutions

  • Use tools to develop cost effective results for TMSA and TSMS 
  • Promote the use of ISO 100014 Guidelines for realizing financial and economic benefits
  • Seek ways to help customers save money
  • Provide integrity in invoicing
  • SafeMARINER's Management System meets ISO 9000:2015 criteria