High performing organizations:

  • Understand that Leadership at all levels is key to success
  • Are Learning Organizations
  • Implement practical solutions to the Nine Elements of Successful Safety Management Systems
  • Focus on leading measures not lagging results
  • Understand that Hazard Identification and Risk Management are critical
  • Conduct Root Cause training throughout the organization
  • Understand the importance of pro-active risk management programs
  • Know how to develop SMART Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Learn from their High Learning Value (HLV) incidents
  • Understand the difference between human errors and violations
  • Understand that employee engagement is a key benefit
  • Enable tough internal audits to find flaws and drive excellence
  • Understand the difference between training and Competency Assessment
  • Have implemented A Competency Model for Safety Management Skills from workers to Executives
  • Implement and maintain proven standards (i.e. ANSI Z10, ISO 9001, 9004, ANSI Z 490.1)
  • Use TMSA to improve not to just meet minimum oil company expectations
  • Combine quality and safety into the company planning and management review process
  • Understand the value of a cold eyes review
  • Systematically embrace Management of Change (MOC) principles
  • Demonstrate a commitment to knowing and exceeding their customer's needs

SafeMARINERâ„  can assist your organization in it's journey toward high performance. If you want to change your performance, improve TMSA results and prepare for TSMS, let's make a plan.

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"High performing organizations don't just happen-people 
make it happen"
-Rick Dunn-API Tanker Conference

High Performing Organizations