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SafeMARINER can help with you resolve vetting issues and make a strategic plan to get ahead of the curve. We help companies improve their interface with oil major vetting organizations.

​​SafeMARINER develops practical TMSA, TSMS and safety management solutions scaled to the size for your inland, coastwise or deep sea company.

Vetting Challenges with Major Oil ?

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Professional Safety Management Training

Effective internal audits are key to continuous improvement. We help companies improve their internal audits to enable best-in-class performance by discovering system flaws and developing sustainable solutions that are scaled for their company. SafeMARINER also provides Internal Auditor training.

Still talking about "training"? Competency Assessment will take your operations to the next level. SafeMARINER conducts Competency Assessment workshops and training to help your organization implement its own competency assessment program that exceeds TMSA and will change your incident results. Competency Assessments will put you ahead of your competition.

An effective process for the selection, monitoring and use of third party vessels and services is key to preventing incidents. Get ahead of TMSA3 by customizing our SafeVENDOR process.

SafeMARINER conducts TMSA and OVMSA assessments for Oil Majors, terminals, Towers (vendor management) and joint ventures. We also help companies improve their management systems based on TMSA and OVMSA. Brown water TMSA solutions is a specialty. TMSA mock audits available on request.


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Systems

Our training meets the Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training (ANSI Z 490.1-2016) standards. Courses include: Marine Incident Investigation & Analysis(root cause analysis, corrective and preventive action), OSHA 300 Recordkeeping, Marine Competency Assessment, Marine Internal Auditing, JSA and Risk Assessment, Navigation Auditor training, Hazard Recognition & Control and Safety Leadership for Executives.


Risk Management

Root Cause & Sticky Lessons

SafeNAV is a preferred navigation assessment process that is TMSA tested. The process uses best-in-class audit techniques and is designed to minimize paperwork, reduce follow up, close outs and provide on the spot instruction. Instruction in assessment and training techniques helps ensure auditor effectiveness. Your auditors will earn a SafeNAV training certificate.

Competency Assessment

The USCG Subchapter M proposed TSMS is a significant change for industry. We help organizations develop cost efficient management systems that are scaled to your companies size. ISM consulting and mock audits a speciality.

Managingrisk is key to effective marine safety management. The SafeRISK process is used with your team to conduct marine operational risk assessments. SafeRISK is effective and just right for TMSA and what we expect to see in subchapter M TSMS and in AWO's RCP 2016. The SafeCHECK last minute risk assessment is simple and effective tool to help get to Zero.

Continual improvement is driven by determining root cause and doing something beyond sending out safety alerts. The CauseMATRIX helps to quickly determine root cause and support "sticky" lessons so a similar incident doesn't happen again three years later. This best-in-class solution is practical and designed for busy brown water companies that need simple and effective tools.

TSMS-Towing Safety Management System

Internal Audit Effectiveness

SafeNAV Navigation Audits

​We work with you to develop effective and simple ISO 9001 management systems to help you stay ahead of your customers and maintain quality. ISO 9001 is integrated into your existing management system. Third party certification shows your customers that you are best-in-class.

Third Party Vendor Management